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Just who is the Atomic Brass Project? Just a group of 11 musicians who've dedicated their lives to honing their craft and developing their artistry to create the best possible sound for those who appreciate really great music. 


​Atomic Brass Project has been entertianing audiences here in Colorado and around the US for over a decade. Whether it be for Festivals, Concert Series, Educational Master Classes, Weddings, or even just a great, fun filled party, the group is always happy to be apart of the event and bring a dynamic, energy driven show to the audience. 


Some favorite artists that Atomic Brass Project covers include Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, Steely Dan, Tower of Power and many more. 

Atomic Brass Project is:


Vocals: LaDamion Massey

Vocals: Bianca Herbert

Trumpet: Larry Pennel


Trombone: Greg Dickson

Saxophone: Andrew Kort

Bari-Sax: Andy Salas

Keyboard: Zack Markle

Percussion: John Reed


Bass Guitar: Morgan McCullough

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